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What Does Your Audience Need?

what does your business audience need?

What Does Your Audience Need?

Rianna Neal |

Too often, people with a business idea focus on what they want to sell and how much of it they want to sell. While having these targets in mind is a good objective to work towards, it is not the frame of mind you should be in while building your business or selling your products. Use these wants as a starting point. For example, if you love working in the hospitality industry and want to make pancake breakfasts for families, that helps you come up with your starting point. The next step is to figure out what kind of audience is going to need those pancake breakfasts, and more importantly, why.

Business is About Solving Problems

A business is an organization that offers a product or a service in exchange for money or something of value. Usually, these products or services solve a problem. For example, people have the problem of needing to eat food to stay alive. A business can solve this problem by providing food to people. This is a very simple example, but we can get more specific. Perhaps there are several busy parents that live in your community. They need to feed their children, but they also want to spend time with their friends sometimes. They also may be tired of cooking or had a child throw eggs all over the floor that morning.

This is where your business would come in to solve the problem. You could provide a place to make pancake breakfast for parents and children. Somewhere they can go to spend time with each other, feed their kids, and not have to cook. Is it starting to click?

What Problem do you Solve

The product or service you offer solves a problem. This brings us full circle back to, what does your audience need? Think about your product or service. What problem is it solving? Can you take it deeper?

For Whom

This is who the audience with the need is. Your product or service is solving a problem specifically for whom. This takes this exercise to the next level. Perhaps your audience is stay-at-home, and they want a place to take the younger children to eat breakfast while the older ones are at school. Do they want healthy options, such as fruit or even going into gluten-free type options?

What Does This Have to do With Digital Marketing?

At this point, you may be thinking okay, great. So I know what I am making, and why and for whom, BUT how in the heck is that supposed to help me with this Facebook crap? Understanding what these are helps you know who you are talking to. When you are writing your posts, going live, and creating this content, think about this audience. Write to them and show how your product/service solves that problem. It will make you much better at marketing yourself!

On the Table…

Knowing who your audience is and what they need is a foundational element to a successful business. Answering the above questions will help you market to your audience better, and it will help you get better at selling your product/service.

To find out more about what does your audience need, download this worksheet, or join us in the Pancake Makers Club!