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Sales Start With Engagement

Sales Start With Engagement

Sales Start With Engagement

by Rianna Neal |

A business is an organization that provides a service or product in exchange for money. Businesses exist and grow from selling their products and services. So how do you sell in your business? Many people are afraid of the word sales or often say that they do not like to sale. However, sales are a really really good thing!

Business is About Sales

You started your business because you found a problem that you could solve for people. Or, you have an idea for a really great product or service that could solve a problem for people. In order to make that product or solution for something, you had to buy things from other businesses. Then people will buy your product/service to solve their problem. But they have to know that you offer that service and how to buy it form you, so you sell it to them. Sales are business and business is sales, it is a good thing.

Sales Come from Know/Like/Trust

You have probably heard this before as it is a part of several trainings and sales conversations. If you have not heard of it, this will probably still make sense to you. People buy things from companies and people that they know, like, and trust. Think about a store you buy things from often, does this apply? Flip it around, what can you do to help your potential customers and clients know, like, and trust you?

What is an Engagement

An engagement can have several different meanings. In the context of social media for business, an engagement is when someone interacts with your brand. This could mean liking an Instagram post, commenting on a Facebook link, or watching a video from your company. These engagements are important because they are helping people get to know, like, and trust your business.

How Engagements Lead to Sales

As customers get to know your brand, they can learn to like you at trust your business. Once people have these factors, they are more likely to buy form your business. Sales start with engagement because engagement is how consumers get to know brands. Social media helps make this easier as a benefit for the customer getting to know the business and for the business sharing their information to more people.

On The Table…

Business grows and thrives on selling solutions to people’s problems. Sales start from engagement, where customers can learn to know, like, and trust your brand. Social media helps make these engagements more possible for business and customers alike.