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Does Your Business Need Twitter?

Does Your Business Need Twitter?

Does Your Business Need Twitter?

by Rianna Neal |

There are many many social media sites these days. It can be difficult enough to sort out which ones to use in your personal life, let alone deciding for your business. Let’s specifically look at Twitter here-

What is Twitter

From the Getting Started Guide provided by Twitter-

Twitter is happening.

Follow everything from breaking news and entertainment, to sports, politics, and everyday interests. Then, join the conversation.

This is Twitter’s description of itself, essentially a stream of information about the listed topics where people can have conversations about these topics. Another description of Twitter is to compare it to a cocktail event. If you picture walking into the room and walking around, you will hear little tidbits of various conversation here and there. You may stop to join a few conversations for a brief time, or exchange contact information with someone to follow up with them later. Twitter works very much the same way.

The action steps that can be done on Twitter are a Tweet with text only (up to 240 characters) a photo, video, or link. Tweets often have hashtags to label to the topic the tweet is about. Many people also use hashtags to be ironic or follow trending topics such as #NationalCoffeeDay.

Your Business Needs a Twitter if…

…if your target market is on Twitter, and you are willing to put the work in to do it. (or hire someone else to). Many good audiences for Twitter are high school and college students, tech and software industries, and digital and marketing industries.

Twitter works really well for links as well. It is a good site for getting more traffic to your website, as well as for providing good analytics from your content. Analytic.Twitter.Com

On the Table…

Twitter can be a great social media site for your business if that is where your target market spends time. Many people on Twitter are there to share thoughts, read about sports, get the news, or have conversations about trending topics. Does Your Business Need Twitter? Maybe- test it out and see!

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