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Latisha Sexton

      Town of Residence-

Hopkinsville, Ky

      Job Title-

Social media manager

      Area(s) of Expertise-

Social media management and strategies, specifically for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Although, I am also honing my LinkedIn skills as well.  Content creation, community management and motivating others.

      Favorite part of working in this field?-

It is never boring! There is always something changing, something new to learn, and new ways to connect with your audience on a human level. I love creating content and engaging and building an audience.

      What do you hope our clients gain from working with us?

Peace of mind.  Comfort knowing that they can focus on the parts of their business that they truly love because they know that we are working to establish them as authorities in their business, building their brand awareness, and their loyal, engaged audience.

      What are you most excited for in the upcoming year with PDS?-

Truly honing in on the team’s skills and seeing that flow over into our client’s business to take them to the next level. This year is going to see us growing like crazy since we have some pretty awesome people working in the areas that they are strongest at.


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