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Name- Latisha Sexton       Town of Residence- Hopkinsville, Ky       Job Title- Social media manager       Area(s) of Expertise- Social media management and strategies, specifically for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Although, I am also honing my LinkedIn skills as well.  Content creation, community management and motivating others.       Favorite part of working in this field?- It is never boring! […]


  Name: Kindal Strobele       Town of Residence: Spangdahlem, Germany (born and raised in Denver, Colorado)       Job Title: Account Manager/ HR coordinator       Area(s) of Expertise: Client and contractor onboarding and offboarding, company policies and procedures, customer service, and administrative organization       Favorite part of working in this field?: Learning new things. This is my first tour in […]

Rianna Neal


1. Name Rianna Michele Neal – Soon to be Rianna Michele Hill. Yes, I bought RiannaHill.Com already. 2. Town of Residence Currently living in Kailua, Oahu Hawaii but I was born in Denver Colorado. I have lived in 7 states and visited all 50. 3. Job Title l am the Founder. I am registered with […]

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